Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Youth Vote and Welcome!

In today's society, it has pretty much become the norm for political aspirations of young people to lean heavily to the left. The excuses you hear are often that the liberal agenda is what best represents the mindset of the younger individual, that the ideals reach out to the 'hip' and 'rebellious' hearts that make up the 18-25 age bracket.

You often hear those representing the younger voting age bracket talk about wanting something different and selecting the political side that they do because they want change and they want to be out of the ordinary and not follow the "status quo." It's funny really, because if you take a poll among various college students, you'll often find that the majority of students call themselves liberals or members of the democratic party. Likewise, you'll see that the those who are labeled conservative or republican are often shunned in the classroom or questioned in their beliefs. You frequently find that younger conservatives are accused of not taking into consideration equal rights or are held accountable for political incorrectness, told they aren't being "fair" to others. So really, one could ask, what is so "different" about choosing the liberal agenda? What part of doing what most young people do is really being a "rebel?" I find that it is much more hip and against the grain of popularity to make the tough decisions and choose to represent the GOP as a young person involved in politics.

That is what you can come to expect in this blog. This is my first blog and I'm not exactly sure I will remember to keep it up, but I vow to always represent the views of a young, edgy conservative. Political correctness is none of my concern and I believe the first step towards the America founded by those great Patriots before us is to worry more about what we were founded on and less about hurting the feelings of others. 

Americans may be considered egotistical assholes, but is it our fault we live in such a great country? We are responsible for keeping it the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!" So let's stand together against those who would stand to see it fall and rise above the liberal agenda that would allow our beliefs and morals to be misconstrued and disemboweled.

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