Thursday, June 4, 2015

Unity, is that a thing anymore?

I'm aware that I said I would write a post later today detailing my activities this week, but I can't sit back and not write what's on my heart and mind... And this is something very pressing to me.

Today, Rick Perry joined the rather large pool of GOP candidates running for president in 2016. That puts the official list of announced candidates at 10, with the following candidates:

Ted Cruz
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Ben Carson
Carly Fiorina
Mike Huckabee
Rick Santorum
George Pataki
Lindsey Graham
Rick Perry

I believe that is in order of announcement. Now this list simply includes the OFFICIALLY announced candidates. It fails to list those who have already announced that they plan to announce (seriously?) at a later date. That list includes:

Jeb Bush, June 15th
Donald Trump, June 16th
Bobby Jindal, June 24th

And furthermore, that list leaves those formally exploring a candidacy out entirely... Yet another, for whatever God blessed reason, list of individuals who are dipping their toes in the candidacy pool:

Scott Walker
John Kasich
Chris Christie

Now... As if it that wasn't enough, it would appear (even if perhaps just for comedic relief), there is ONE LAST list I should rattle off... I wouldn't want these politicians to feel left out (which at this point, must be all it is). This list would be the, wait for it, "Publicly Expressed Interest" list:

Bob Erlich
Jim Gilmore
Peter T. King

Many of you may be scratching your heads with one word jumping through your mind, "WHO?!" My apologies to the states of Maryland and Viginia of which Erlich and Gilmore are governors and perhaps even to the small group of New Yorkers who care enough to know Representative King even represents them. But alas, these 3 men just couldn't help but jump on the bandwagon that is 2016.

If you count all of these up, that puts the possible candidates for the Republican party in 2016 at a whopping 19! Anyone want to start placing their bets on the 20th? God knows that we couldn't possibly cap it off at such an uneven number such as 19, right?

Now this is the part where I should probably inform you that after careful consideration, I have decided that today is the day that I will announce that I will be making announcement on the 4th of July. Yes, that is right! I'm announcing my announcement! Oh happy day! Now what exactly am I announcing? Gee, you'll have to come back on Independence Day to find out now won't you?

Anyway, on to my more important message...

There is one thing, as I stated before, that is a very pressing matter to me... and I'm sure many more of you. This is the matter of division that our beloved conservative movement has been faced with in the light of so many interested presidential hopefuls. I'm sure I can't begin to hide who has my support, after all... he is in my picture above... but I would like to share, before I continue, that before Marco Rubio... my allegiance, my support and 100% of my vote in a general election will always go to the candidate who most closely stands in line with my beliefs AND stands a chance. I understand this will very likely get me in trouble in the future and I may lose friends over this, so for now... I'll not detail what I mean or how you should take that... but understand, that regardless of my feelings on Marco or my hope that he will be the GOP nod for 2016, I plan on supporting whoever our party backs and whoever our primary majority elects to face Hillary or whatever chump the democrat party throws at us. This does not mean that I love every candidate on our rather extensive ballot, but rather, that I love my country and would hate to see what another four years under a weak liberal would do to her.

Say what? I will support any conservative? That's right, I will not participate in the insanity that is the infighting the liberals continuously pray (wait, do liberals do that?) we will do in order to strengthen their side of the ballot. Have I lost you yet? It seems this has become pretty unpopular... it also seems that too many conservatives have forgotten that we are one team and honestly, like it or not... at least for 2016, it needs to stay that way. A split vote or a nice comfy spot on your sofa on election day isn't going to help our beloved America one bit... Because while you elect your right to not vote, the liberals will be out there electing their nominee to the presidency of the United States of America. And let's be honest, how big of a win will that really be? Might you be sending your message to the GOP? Possibly... Might your message be heard? Unlikely... Might your actions affect the lives of our future generations adversely? Absolutely... So if you do choose to sit out the 2016 election because your one guy of the 20ish candidates wasn't the one guy on the general ballot, congratulations, you've succeeded in supporting the liberal agenda for four more years and thank you, in advance, for kicking the country you love so much directly in the balls.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are the United States of America... but the conservative party has become the Divided State of Republicans. I can't remember the last time I sat in a room with 10 or more conservatives for over an hour where some sort of argument didn't break out. I implore you guys to join me in an attempt to reunify our effort... Even if it's just a personal effort to be more positive with other conservatives... to not tear down a member of the same team, even if it isn't your favorite candidate. These little measures now may be great strides in 2016.

Alrighty, rant over, you may now return to your regularly scheduled... whatever.

Little Lima

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